Tuesday, January 31, 2006


I'm a blogger at last!

A couple of years ago, after having read a few blogs, I was motivated enough to give it a try. I thought what I chose was easy. It caught on me like wild fire. I read at least ten other blogs a day and updated mine everyday. The day, which did not start with the blog, was a day of funerals for me!

It was easy at first. I wrote about myself, then about my family and then I professed my undying love for words in every possible way. I spent hours researching about suitable topics like pro-bloggers and most of the other times indulged in creative writing. I was convinced that my priceless poems would have outshone Byron's and Kalidasa's until, better poets in the blogosphere grabbed attention:) Gradually, when I was beginning to run out of fuel, I quoted from Shakespeare and sometimes lyrics of songs did the trick like this blogger. I also tried to share some intellectual stuff like other responsible bloggers. At times, I had to resort writing about the scenic beauty and the bounties of nature. The text wandered around interesting day to day musings, finally boiling down to mundane matters. When work got hectic and when I did not have the luxury of time to devote to creativity, I decided to take a break like many others.

Now that I am relatively free and have come back, I am going through the cycle of blogging all over again. I do not mind doing anything aforesaid to keep the blog going, except ending up like this blogger who fills his posts only with links to other blogs!:) Where did this post lead me?! Oh no!



Pursuing Dictionary.com, I came across the word uxorious, meaning excessively fond of one's wife. I tried to find its counterpart, but to my surprise, I couldn't locate it. So, naturally I presumed, that there is no such word in English language to describe this rare breed, obviously this phenomenon has not been a common occurence :)) What say ladies?!

Monday, January 30, 2006


Mommy Vs Maami

Parents in the US are trying hard to protect their kids from getting Americanized. I understand their concern. But, what I don't understand is how they plan to achieve that with funny exercises like giving Indian suffixes to names.

I think most of us grew up addressing women and men as "Auntie" and "uncle" respectively in the 1980s. Would that mean we were Americanised? I don't see a reason why desi parents try to make their kids address men and women as "mama" and "maami" irrespective of age, language, nationationality, to induce cultural heritage.

One of my cousin's son, like every other desi kid sports a natural American accent, and ends up confusing everyone including himself between Mommy and Mami! It is so absurd to hear him say things like - "Cop mama, Kroger mami etc. Out of vested interest, I decided to wean this kid from the habit of calling 20 odd year old girls mami and introduced the word "AKKA" to him yesterday.

During the forty minutes drive, I started like our Superstar mama "Akka sollu...Akka sollu...Akka sollu..." and ended up with Vadivel mama's "vendam alududuven" when the kid went "Inda mami peru akka"!!!


Range of girls

1. "Saree wearer": Now, these women might not necessarily wear saree all the time. But, they are supposed to fall into this group because at any age, they sound like a 40 year old. They shudder at the F word and are all feminity personified. They cry at the drop of a hat. They cook like your mom and dress like your grand mom. They have loads of questions and their favourite word is DON'T.

2. "Salwar wearer": Again, does not mean they wear salwar all the time. Now, these women are a safer alternate to the first. They strike a balance between modernity and tradition and please most people. They too have their list of rights and wrongs...but are not too closed. Perhaps, they might watch you doing things until you start overdoing it and then give you a piece of their mind. But, once you cross roads with them, they are ready to give you the real fight.

3. "Trouser wearer": These are the girls that fall in the equator. They are cheeky, adventurous, non-fussy, open-minded, forward thinking individuals. In otherwords, these are the real dudettes. They too, like the previous ilk take the best from both the worlds and strike a balance. The only difference is, the previous type thinks they are cool while they are actually not and this type thinks that they are cool and indeed are! This is the fun girl that you always see in school and think, who the hell is going to marry her!!! But, by the time you are out of school, you are the one giving her roses and cards.

4. "Mini skirt wearer": These are the delicate darlings you come across in pubs and parties. Having a strange English accent that falls somewhere between the native speakers andMalayalam speakers. You will know at the sight of their nails, that they spent all their father's wealth in manicure...They too cry at the drop of the hat, much like the first type and are sheer mama's daughters!


A ray of hope

After witnessing abominable politicians like Laloo Prasad Yadav and Uma Bharati, here is ray of hope . Wishing them luck and success!

Friday, January 27, 2006


Vivek vexation

Vivek, unlike his contemporaries, brought an air of freshness with him everytime he came on screen. Right from Puthuputhu Arthangal days, he has not failed to entertain the Tamil audience. He has been inseparable from movies like Minnale, Run, Tirumala, Saami, Dhool, Perazhagan etc.

Unfortunately, one of his latest movies, Saravana portrays a lackluster Vivek. His spontaneity and subtle humor seems to have taken a vacation. He is probably concentrating more on his hero role in the movie - "Solli Adippaen". We have not seen many cases of comedian- turning- into- hero success stories. But, miracles do happen. Well, meanwhile, my cause of concern is losing a wonderful comedian like Vivek who entertains with thought provoking humor, to others like Vadivel who have repetitive, often, meaningless comedy. For the moment, let me just hope that his creativity block soon clears off to bring forth his proven but dormant talent.

Thursday, January 26, 2006


Jana, Gana, Mana...

Celebrating India, Indian music and Indian musicians!


The inanity of it all

Today, I watched two Tamil movies - Adi and Saravana. It requires a lot of boredom and patience to watch two masala movies in a row on the same day.

After the movie session, there are two questions I'm pondering over -

1. Why do Indian movies always have to follow the same pattern of Mr.Badguy putting Mr.Goodguy in trouble - Mr.Goodguy patiently taking everything - until one day when Mr.Goodguy kills Mr.Badguy stuff? Did Vedavyas and Valmiki set any such rule that their convention should not be changed?

2. Why is Simbhu not arrested for beheading the villain's brother?



I had a penchant for crossword puzzles until I cracked the first sudoku in 10 minutes. When I realized that 87% were faster than me, I felt a compelling need to make sure I did better. Since then, I am addicted to the grids and numbers.

Besides news and coffee, Sudoku announces DAWN.

Friday, January 13, 2006

In reply to phoenix

I've read this somewhere -

As a rule, man is a fool,
When it's hot, he wants it cool.
When it's cool, he wants it hot,
Always wanting what is not.


Need for privacy

I have been blogging for more than two years. But, I have always revelaed my identity in the couple of blogs that I maintain. I want some private space in this webworld! Hence this blog...

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