Monday, January 30, 2006


Range of girls

1. "Saree wearer": Now, these women might not necessarily wear saree all the time. But, they are supposed to fall into this group because at any age, they sound like a 40 year old. They shudder at the F word and are all feminity personified. They cry at the drop of a hat. They cook like your mom and dress like your grand mom. They have loads of questions and their favourite word is DON'T.

2. "Salwar wearer": Again, does not mean they wear salwar all the time. Now, these women are a safer alternate to the first. They strike a balance between modernity and tradition and please most people. They too have their list of rights and wrongs...but are not too closed. Perhaps, they might watch you doing things until you start overdoing it and then give you a piece of their mind. But, once you cross roads with them, they are ready to give you the real fight.

3. "Trouser wearer": These are the girls that fall in the equator. They are cheeky, adventurous, non-fussy, open-minded, forward thinking individuals. In otherwords, these are the real dudettes. They too, like the previous ilk take the best from both the worlds and strike a balance. The only difference is, the previous type thinks they are cool while they are actually not and this type thinks that they are cool and indeed are! This is the fun girl that you always see in school and think, who the hell is going to marry her!!! But, by the time you are out of school, you are the one giving her roses and cards.

4. "Mini skirt wearer": These are the delicate darlings you come across in pubs and parties. Having a strange English accent that falls somewhere between the native speakers andMalayalam speakers. You will know at the sight of their nails, that they spent all their father's wealth in manicure...They too cry at the drop of the hat, much like the first type and are sheer mama's daughters!

You forgot two special breeds.
1. Cross between selwar and trouser weares. They wear a jeans but the top is so Indian, it's hard to say if they are actually wearing selwar with a wrong patns or jeans with wrong top.
2. 9-yard saree wearers.

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