Friday, January 27, 2006


Vivek vexation

Vivek, unlike his contemporaries, brought an air of freshness with him everytime he came on screen. Right from Puthuputhu Arthangal days, he has not failed to entertain the Tamil audience. He has been inseparable from movies like Minnale, Run, Tirumala, Saami, Dhool, Perazhagan etc.

Unfortunately, one of his latest movies, Saravana portrays a lackluster Vivek. His spontaneity and subtle humor seems to have taken a vacation. He is probably concentrating more on his hero role in the movie - "Solli Adippaen". We have not seen many cases of comedian- turning- into- hero success stories. But, miracles do happen. Well, meanwhile, my cause of concern is losing a wonderful comedian like Vivek who entertains with thought provoking humor, to others like Vadivel who have repetitive, often, meaningless comedy. For the moment, let me just hope that his creativity block soon clears off to bring forth his proven but dormant talent.

Vadivel has been climbing the ranks steading and has a fan following across A,B & C audiences. Vivek has been slipping and is resorting to double meaning jokes to find favour with the audience. Guess Rajini's Sivaji would prove to be a comeback move by Vivek.
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