Tuesday, August 01, 2006


A question

Most of you must've heard about speed reading and its techniques. For the uninitiated - 'speed reading' is a technique that does not only increase the pace at which you read but also enhances comprehension.

Although there are loads of websites that offer courses in Speed Reading, there are very few free resources on the web and fewer sources of quality information. So, I want to know if any of you have actually learnt the technique and are able to apply it to everyday reading. If you have never checked your reading speed, here is the place to start. I know a person who has a reading speed of 1200 w.p.m. After he disclosed that bit of information about him, I started seeing him as a man of Godlike powers. If there are any Gods here, please share the secrets of your prowess with the rest of us.

My speed reading score is too embarrassing even to mention. But since my comprehension is 120% (as I read more into the text than there is), my ewpm scapre must be hitting the roof :)

I heard most of these speed reading seminars, books-on-tape etc. are a scam. I don't have first hand experience though. But considering that the informacials for speed reading have same tone of "herbal pill to increase 8 cup sizes" informacials, I am very suspcious. (Not that I have any first hand experience with that herbal pill either!)
When I prepared for IAS I doubled my reading speed from about 400 to 800. The coaching centre helped most of us do it. The best way to do that is only by reading actively.

- God!

p.s: you have not deposited money in the hundiyal for a long long time.
LOL@TDNA...Hawkeye says he has actually increased 8 cup sizes...let's find out whether he was naturally endowed or he had the herbal pill exp;)

Anonymous, 800 seems attainable. But, if just active reading would get me there, I think I can try.

Seriously?? More than 1200 aaa?! Ok now, spill the beans for us to learn. I really thought it was IMPOSSIBLE.

Don't behave like those penny-pinching software engineers who don't share their bald knowledge with others without their share of gain in it! So, if you are God, be Godly and tell us how!:)

u have shown irreverence to Gods. stand on 1 feet on top of a thorny needle for 60 years. i will consider ur request.

p.s: u standing on 1 feet is not a gain for me.
casement, my score was 291 with 73% comprehension. speed reading sounds tiring. it also seems like work and not pleasure.
Dear God,

You got me wrong, Your Highness. I was talking about a bunch of techies, who fix our technical issues and when asked how, just rattle out some vague things in their junk English, making sure that we understand nothing out of it.

I just requested Your Highness to be unlike them. However, pardon my negligible irreverence and bless us all with the tricks of your trade or better yet, the trade itself:)

PS: kavunde padukkave kashtama irukku, otha kaal la nikka solriyae God, nyayama?;)
Sowmya, I think that's the average speed. I have about the same speed too. You are right. It is a lot of work, but once you get into that habit, imagine the pleasure of saving 3/4th of the time we spend in reading now.
there is a person called hawkeye who has a score of 355 wpm and 65% comprehension. i'll talk to him first and then consider you.
Ada pavi makka...
i read faster than sowmya although a little duh'er than her. that alone counts for a lot.

imagine being even slightly comparable to Dilton in archies comics.
I remember reading a book that would improve one's reading speed. Thought it might help for GMAT prep. I took a week to finish that thin book.;-) I can't bring myself to believe that speed-reading is advantageous.
mine was 12292...I started it and scrolled down to stop it...itha paarthitu japan la saakisaan koopitaaka amerikaala maikelsaaksan koopitaaka....
whats the point in reading faster?
If I read a lot about Ferrari, does it count as speed reading? :D
yup, same q. as I...
Thanks a lot. I have pages to read before I sleep ( Sorry for the parody on Frost) and speed reading should be a relief.
Casement, enna aacchu? Break ah?
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