Tuesday, July 04, 2006


I had a dream

I had a dream about you last night, early this morning, to be precise. It is not surprising because I have been reading through your archives and I still have a few more posts to go. So, for more than a week, your lines have been surfacing in my head every now and then. The thought seems to have ended up in a dream. The dream didn’t last more than a few minutes, I guess. I remember we spoke briefly over the phone. You inquire about what I made for dinner and I say arisi upma and you go ‘wow’. The reply I give may not be logical, but c’mon, it was a dream and I was not ‘lucid dreaming’. So, I was not in control of the things that I spoke. Well, what I said was, why do you go ‘wow’ every time I say ‘arisi upma’. I think even my sub conscious mind could not build a conversation on such an illogical statement. So we conveniently shift the subject. You ask me if I read about the art of doing laundry. I give a negative reply and you go on to explain something but the summer sky pokes my eyes through the blinds and I instantly realize that it was just a dream.

Later, as I had my breakfast, I recalled the inanity of our conversation. If it were not a dream, there are so many things I would've asked you. Like, where did you undergo training for the marathon, or whether you really changed your wardrobe after watching ‘what not to wear’ and if you actually got the job after accepting that you were ‘impetuous’. A person who won’t say a single kind word to others called you a wonderful parent:) Well, I now realize I should've asked you what you do to be a wonderful parent? I would've definitely told you that the piece I enjoyed the most in your blog was the one about husband and password. I would've confessed that I cried the whole day after losing my handbag in a train. I would’ve asked you how you could compose yourself and write a post about losing the bag. Ah, and I would’ve proudly beamed that I was lucky to get my bag back with all my stuff in tact. I would’ve expected to hear the same from you. Oh, at least I should've asked you if Ammani was a sobriquet your grand mom gave you. Finally, I would've definitely added that I was not the author of ‘Quick tale 148’, even though, I've felt the same about the 'SHEs' in your tale. But, I wouldn't have cared to ask you about that. There is so much more to know about you!

And who is this mysterious "you"? :-)
I really wanted to comment but then I did not wanna be predictable.

I asked her nearly all of those idiotic questions.

its ammani.

this is not fair at all!:(

Thanks Hawkeye. Enakku manam poirukkum answer panna!:)) I still don't believe the post didn't talk about the mysterious 'you'.

I, it's OK to be predictable than to be invisible. So, go ahead and

Tilo, did you get convincing answers?
Thanks Hawkeye (and Casement). Actually the question was framed in a tongue-in-cheek manner (based on an earlier post by Casement). I guess I couldn't communicate that "sledai" well enough :-).
Ah thennavan, I got it now...my mistake...I agree!:)
Hmm, about the questions. Some in the gym, some outside. Yes, some of it. Yes, I did. Nothing really. It's just the perception. No, it's a sobriquet (fancy word!) I gave myself.

Thanks for your kind words and sorry about dream. Arisi upma? wow!
Ammani, that was poetic:) Thanks!:)
Andha sobriquet patthi mattum - I did not ask although that really reminds me of something else I meant to ask her...
I cant believe your site lost my comment again!!grrrrrrrrrr
OMIGOD...Deepa...nothing is wrong with the site...temme whats wrong with your comments?:)) Ok now, spend a min and leave the original comment. Let's see if it works this time;)
Who is this u? Is it Ammani?
My original comment was "And you've written it in her eshshtyle, which should definitely be even more flattering. Enna Ammani?".
adhalam edukku Deepa - this was very well-written, I think Ammani will be happy with good writing.

Casmenent please post more often....
is it really a dream or a thought?
bit confusing
It is really not made up for the post. It was indeed a dream:)
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