Monday, June 12, 2006


Nail cutters

The government in Rajasthan is distributing free education kits to students. Besides textbooks, pencils, erasers, geometry boxes and note books, the kit will also include nail cutters. I applaud the Education Minister's kind consideration. Clap, clap. Let's leave them alone.

On an entirely different note, I am a deeply religious person, which means, the number of my visits to the temple is marginally more than the average number of visits of a person with the same parameters(age, sex and background) as mine. For bloggers who hail from Chennai, I need not elaborate on the beauty and magnificence of Parthasarathy temple. For others, a google search would help:) The historical and architectural marvel of Parthasarathy temple is very special, as much as its tasty puliyodharai(tamarind rice) is. Puliyodharai is sold at a place called 'madapalli' inside the temple premises which you may or may not want to buy after taking a closer look at the mama's long and dirty finger nails.

Yeah, you got the correlation between nail cutters and my religious beliefs. In my opinion, if there is one class of population that needs the nail cutters more than the students, it is the temple archakars/purohits/pujaris/priests. While, the choice of buying 'puliyodharai' can be exercised in the case I mentioned, there is no choice when it comes to accepting the free prasadam. For a person with less than average belief in religious sentiments, I see no problem. He accepts the prasadam, then trashes it and walks away peacefully. But, for a person with my belief system, it hardly works that way. I am caught right in between a triangular mental struggle, assuming sin of trashing the prasadam, relishing the tasty puliyodharai and looking at mama's finger nails with imaginary magnifying glasses. Their nails have a distinct colour, born from a mixture of turmeric, tamarind, oil, tulsi and rose petals. No amount of cajoling is going to make me buy an argument that it is a healthy concoction. Thennavan, out of his love for anything ‘Chennai’ assures me that it is this harmless combination that lends taste to the ‘Parthasarathy kovil’ puliyodharai. But, I stand by my statement - 'The mamas need nail cutters.' Even if Sowmya publishes research papers on Thennavan's statement, I still won't buy the proof. Please, they need nail cutters!

I wish I could say ‘the other casement’ wrote the post, for I am afraid what ill-luck will befall me for offending Lord Parthasarathy. But, on second thoughts, I feel, if He were to comment on my blog, He would vouch that the mamas indeed need nail cutters.

Casement, if you scan through the Guinness Book of Records, you won't find any Indian names in sections dealing with fastest running, highest climbs or longest swimming. The only Indian records are having the longest nails and the longest moustache. So, no nail-cutters please. If the nails tend to look a little colourful, put up with it for the sake of national honour.
Did I ever say anything about the nails on these "mamas" anytime in the past? I feel nailed for no fault of mine and now feel like crying "mama" ;-)
Won't they also need condoms?
Raj, that was a good piece of info. Coming to think of it, we must call it our ease-expertise.

thennavan, the way you are talking about introducing American way of life in India, I thought you would file a defamation suit against me. Well, for the records, let me clear that you have never spoken about any mamas to me, and I'd only guessed you'd say that!:)

I, I wouldnt know about it. They distribute only puliyodharai. Therefore, I can talk only about nail cutters!:))
unfair to post on someting that i wanted to post on. but i will still post that.

anyway just back from having tons of parthasarathy kovil puliyodarai/adhirsam
adhukku thaan kaNNa moodindu vaangikkaNum. all in the name of Bhakti :)
Perhaps, telepathy!

Go ahead and post on it. I am sure yours will be funnier and more damaging than mine was:)

I'll soon have my turn to have tons of PKP.
Sowmya, nee scientific aa oru angle kuduppanu patha...chumma, Bhakti bajanai nu solra!
One of my Mumbaiya friends kept saying pulidhadha. i thought it was some their wada pav or batata wada. after a long time he told me it was a tamil dish and it is rice and tamarind. then i taught him the right pronunciatoin.

LOL @ I..i guess he means to use them on the fingers :)
the Parthasarathy temple elephant it was, which poleaxed Bharatiyar.
Nice site.
Ashok, if used on the fingers, they cud be called gloves:)
lol...nails tell you how clean the person is. I second your thoughts. We'll take on Thennavan head on.;-)
Deepa, please reread my comment and Casement's reply to it before thinking of "taking me head on" ;-)
Thennavan, am i bad?;-)
Thennavan: Theriyalaye ma........

(seri, idu edo inside talk madiri irukkey. Puriyara madiri pesunga pa!)
I agree that people working with food should keep their nails clean. But when I go to some of the restaurants in town in India, I have bigger concerns than nails. I have actually seen restaurant cooks going to the restroom (on the road side of course) and walking straight back into the kitchen. Now that was a revolting sight! speechless...;-)
intha Tennavana yaravathu koluthunga paa...
Nilu, Me thula madad karin...mala hey sangh khashala:)))))))))
puliyodharai vanginoma saaptoma innonu vanginoma saaptoma aprom innonu.....the story continues nu illama idhu enna kodumaya nailcutting matter ellam odudhu?

idhile oruthar condom recommend panraar(fingers ku), innoruthar thennavanai pottu thalla plan podaraar....

vetti pechu waste...

IMHO Puliyodharai is also like pazhamozhi - anubavikanum, aaarayakoodadhu ;p
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