Friday, May 05, 2006


Oh, why?

I attended a B'day party recently. Three hours of party, fifteen boring people, one annoying kid, six course meal made the party snore-worthy. There are a few questions I have been trying to answer -

Why do people who turn thirty suddenly become uninspiring, boring and overly-cautious?
Why do some people talk without a pause to breathe in, while a few others have to be threatened at gun-point to utter a word?
Why do people make such a fuss to dance?

Bored and out!

food was good? rest the rest. snore away. and pls pls dont say that about ppl who turned 30. BTW why is ur blog called 'casement' and what does it mean?
i am going to one such party tomm...
mabbe coz that's the time they get tired of sex.
six course meal hmm...
y do u care y others fuss to dance if u want to dance who is stopping u
still six course meal hmmm..
Sowmya, Casement is defly not my last name. casement means window. I named the blog so because this is the window through which I view my world:) Initially, when I started the blog, I couldnt care less about its name bcos I wasnt sure I would write beyond a couple of days...if I had known that I would continue so long, I wouldve thought of something like Shallow thoughts to profound insights;)

Phoenix, all the best...good night!!!

I, could be!

Ujji, six course meal. Thats the only good part of a party. I can dance if I feel like, but, not without getting awkward looks for dancing alone!:))
Very valid question, the 3rd one.:-)
hi casement

perhaps birthday parties should be abandoned as people like Tendulkar celebrate with 30kg cakes.
why don't old people ever grow up?!
as it is , bday parties are so-oo boring and that too if little kids are around , imagine my poor state!


naanum dance aada maaten. next time paakarche enna adipiyaaa
I generally look for the people who are sitting in a corner looking bored. If he/she find the same room full of peopel boring, definitely, we must share something :)
casement = window va?, endha vaisulayum I can learn new words I guess...
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