Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Closely guarded 'Da Vinci Code'

The movie Da Vinci Code, scheduled for release on Friday, has high expectations from people all over the globe. Although the plot is known, and the book has been read by millions of people, the movie's screening has been kept strictly secretive. The test screenings that are usually a part of every movie has also been skipped to keep the mystery around the movie alive. I was surprised to read in NYT that Sony turned down an offer of the Time Magazine cover because the magazine editors needed to see the movie in order to do so. With so much hype and hoopla around the movie, it had better be worth my $7!

best-selling novels ellam movie a pannumbodhu.. well.. unga manasai kashtapaduthalai.. parthuttu neengale sollunga!
Fuck the shut up
You couldnt get sillier than this...come to my blog and ask me to shut up?!:)) Nilu, you never fail to amuse me.
casement, that aparently is not nilu..someone wants to give nilu a bad reputation...lol!
Hehehehe, adu tirunelveli-ke halwa madiri!:))

Only after I read the comments on your blog, I realized it wasn't Nilu:)
hey where did my comment go?
What comment?!!! Did you have a dream?:)
well , will it be worth $7?! i don't quite think so!

Moral - Never type a long comment. I wrote about why Richard Gere would've been a better choice than Tom Hanks.... (reason being - thats how I pictured langdon when I read the book)
Deepa, did you watch the movie. I think you would agree with me that Tom Hanks aced the role!

Casement, have you seen the movie yet? Did you like it?

By the way, your blog name, CasementR sounds like a prescription medicine! Read it really fast: "Consult your doctor before using CasementR. CasementR is not for everybody. Humor impaired people must avoid CasemenR. If you feel hot flashes or sudden fits of rage, discontinue using CasementR."
:)) That was really funny...Dont ask me about the nomenclature, Ill cry!:((((

Btw, its u huh?!;)
Deepa, Richard Gere? He is a 'casanova' character! I couldnt accept him as Langdon. I thought Tom Hanks fit the role.
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