Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Thiruttu Payale

At hindsight, the cast wasn’t too impressive nor were the names too familiar, but the message, commendable. Jeevan plays the hero Manickam, who is a violent young man, influenced by his father’s way of making money through bribes. While he is academically a total dud, he cleverly plots a way to make easy buck through blackmailing a rich entrepreneur’s wife (Malavika) with a video confirming an affair between her and her husband’s friend (Abbas). The story then runs along the lines of a predictable movie with a lover and duets, finally approaching a very obvious ending. However, there is definitely some entertainment packed into the story with enough twists, turns, kinks, knots, Vivek and Australia.

Now, what struck me the most about the movie was the portrayal of the blatant reality on how parents’ way of life has a strong bearing on their child’s life, good or bad. The story is also based on the adage ‘mudal konal, mutrum konal’ and explicates how the first step towards debasement is often irreversible. The message is particularly applicable to this generation, where kids are exceptionally observant and curious with plenty of oppurtunities to commit mistakes, making child upbringing a challenge in itself.

These days, a lot of movies carry the ‘different’ tag, but are puerile or just unremarkable. But, Thiruttu Payale is markedly different. Watch it and if you like it, good! You owe me one. But, if you don't, blame it on Susi Ganesan!

on a tangential note, there seems to be a pattern in the nomenclature of tamil films - 80s had subject + verb, 91-95 hero's name, 95-2003 it was an English word(Run, Rhythm, Time, Citizen), now it is colloquial or rustic word(Virumaandi, Alai, Parai, TP now and in future VV)
i agree with ttm , especially in kollywood.

nice review

TTM, you are an observant guy! But, does VV sound rustic to you? To me, it sounds like chaste Tamizh:))

Thanks Vaishali.
There were some good twists such as charlie etc...It was quite a different movie from the usual Hero centric movies of the recent past.

Nice post!
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