Thursday, April 27, 2006


It's a lovely day!

I drag my feet out of the bed, forcing myself with yet another lousy day of the week. Sluggishly, as part of the morning rituals, I switch the computer on and surf through some of the insipid tales of Maran, Kaavya and bollywood when my drowsy eyes light up to this news on 'Ash panned in UK', reads the link, which leads me here -

'Aishwarya Rai -- is there a wishier, washier, wimpier actor anywhere in the known universe?,' asked The Guardian's influential critic Peter Bradshaw, giving Mistress Of Spices a single star (out of a maximum five) in the reputed London daily newspaper.

My day suddenly turns bright, colorful and sunny. No, I am not a brute! And yeah, I love Peter Bradshaw, whoever that gentleman is.

I read the book and am still wondering how aishwarya rai fit the role! Aha long live peter bradshaw for commenting on her acting and not on her looks.
When there are actresses like Khushboo over who Tamil audience drooled for years and still continue to I don't think Ash is such a bad thing to have in bollywood.

What I ought to say : Shame on you , Casement deriving joy at the misery of a fellow Indian. Turning bright and colour when an Indian is getting panned - not done, Casement.

What I want to say : Serves Aishwarya right ! About time she was brought down to terra firma.
Peter Bradshaw has made a generalised statement. One wishes he had been more specific. I like that remark of raj on Aishwarya "About time she was brought down to terra firma'.
onakku poraamai..
Sowmya, wonderfully put. Even I like the way she looks and cant stand the way she acts.

Sudeep, Im not particularly fond of Khushboo either. But, among the two, Khushboo is more deserving...any day!

Oh yes Raj, she thinks no end of herself.

Mahadevan, if I am not a brute, you are not a sadist!:)) If I were Peter Bradshaw, I would have particularly written about the way she giggles...even that seems so artificial.

Anon, Pulllllleeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzz...what should I be J of? her superficial self, her egoistic attitude, her acting skills....oh what in the world? With all the professional hands that make her up, and those fake b****, even you will look better than her, wont you?!:))
Hers is not fake. would u know they arent?:))
artificial won't be that small :-))
U sleazy fella/filly...Let's go no further:))
u started it !
i agree with the writer, ash is a terrible actor!!

ok , now ash is not a bad actress , but i am gloating over this comment on 'mistress of spices' because abhishek bachchan dumped her!!
and will that will smith film take place after this?

ennamo, me is worried that my Guru is directing 'Guru' with her in the lead.
Adappavi, writer of the blog, writer of the review or writers?!

Vaishali, agreed, ash is not a bad actress...she is the worst. Who Abhishek you mean this lanky guy with bow legs, pinochio nose and full lips who badly requires dance lessons and hair cut?!!!;)

Ok chill...JK. I too like AB Jr.

Ya PK. That lousy Esha Deol in Ayuda Ezhuthu and now this lousier one...Manirathnam is growing old!:)
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ok , now don't bluff! :)
yes , esha deol is bad , so why was abhishek bachchan linked to her once??
hmm...thank god thalaivar is not marrying ash...

heyyy I like Rai.
Ouch Deepa, Im heartbroken:(
FInally, a critic that makes sense. death to aishwariya.
I am not an Aishwarya fan, but, definitely a Shobha De admirer.
This is what Shoba has to say:

' Aishwarya was an ethereal vision, a feast for the eyes. It was impossible to look away for even a micro-second, yes - Ash looks that beautiful, and fragile, and vulnerable, and delicate and innocent. Her eyes (minus heavy-duty makeup) resemble liquid jewels and her mouth breaks your heart with it bruised quality. The film itself is amateurish and confused.(Mr.Berges should take a crash- course in direction from his talented wife). But it is Ash's glorious, luminous beauty that mesmerises. Her acting wasn't all that terrible, either. What can any star do with such a clumsy script? It was the 'old' Ash from "Kandukondain Kondukondain", minus star trappings and filmi make-up'.

If you disagree, please pounce upon Shobha and not me. Shobha De was a former Editor of "Stardust" and one or two students in the English Department of Bombay University have done doctoral thesis on Shobha De's works.
She's also a bitch. Not that I hate her coz of that.
if you actually happen to call yourself a "Shobha De admirer" in public, you need to get that head examination real soon.
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