Friday, March 03, 2006


Mango deal

Imagine walking through the fruits section in Walmart and finding the varieties of Banganpally, Malgova, Neelam and Kesar lined up next to the alien Mexican counterpart!
I am sure, those who are following Bush's visit closely would have come to know that the ban on import of Indian mangoes has been lifted after being assured about the pest-free harvest methods.

I read here that,
"Waiters in red tunics and red-and-white turbans scurried to serve broccoli-almond soup, seafood and peach ice cream after toasts of mango juice by the two heads of state."

India seems to have clinched the mango deal by serving a glass of mango juice to President Bush. Perhaps, he felt too shy to request a second serving and decided to import the yummy mangoes instead!

its good time for india
atleast this deal is the sense no further ratification required from the US cong:-)
aam khao, khush ho jaao!
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