Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Why do we blog?

I am always a little befuddled when I attempt to answer the question everyone here has faced one day or the other - "Why do I blog?", for I cannot explain my motivation clearly in only a few words.

Many people write many things, and have different reasons for all of them. Writing about things happening around us, I guess, is more voluntary. I am grasped by an urgent need to just sit down and put fingers on the keyboard. It is a way of pouring myself out through my words. A method of chronicling and organizing my thoughts and feelings in ways that my mind alone cannot.

Often, I purge what I did not know was there, what has boiled up from myself. Words that were trapped, stuck not in my throat, but at the edge of my mind, that were previously bound up by lack of avenues to share. They come from some point - some intersection - between heart and mind, conscious and subconscious. I blog to give vent to my thoughts and for keeping myself occupied. Both combine into a passion, an absolute love.

I am sure most bloggers like me feel that this is their own little space in the the web world and to every person, it is personal and special, whether others like it or not. Here, in this diversified blogworld, we find bloggers who have similar interest and perspective as ours, and also the ones that differ from us completely. There is no common rule to measure and that is what makes this place so addictive and free.

But at the same time, when I express something on an open forum, I understand that I am subject to criticism and judgment as much as appreciation and readership. Having understood this, let me thank this blogger for letting the world know that my blog exists.

>>Why do we blog?

Because we are jobless.
lolz @ phoenix 'z reply
but then..'woman of substance' we need a blog of substance' as well, pretty soon, now tht u r done with thanking and et all:-)

You probably didnt read this post properly...I am not here to impress ppl like you!:) And I am not done with thanking yet...thanks for your motivating comment.I visited your blog and gained enough inspiration to write better posts!
lolz, ok..
Dont worry...you dont have to, and I wasnt expecting any...though it would still be nice if u did...

just thought will get out of the cliched..
'thanks for visitng my blog'
'looking forward to more from u'
'do visit often'
'Nice blog u have here'
sorta stuff..

If u want me to do all that..well...:-)

just my way of making conversation with a new person..be it in real or virtual..
when it clicks..it clicks very well..when it doesnt it flops utterly..
goes with the territory I guess:-)

anyway, looks like u did write something interesting..will check it latr..:)
there are diff kinds of blogs:
1. see-how-smart-I-am blog
2. Im-gonna-change-this-world blog
3. Nobody-gives-me-a-hearing-so-I-gotta-scream-you-all-better-listen blog
4. The-world-confuses-me-I-feel-better-when-I-put-my-thoughts-in-writing blog(aka ediary)
5. Im-fascinated-about-some-things-cant-stop-thinking-about-them blog
6. Keeping-up-with-the-Joneses blog

and so it goes.
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